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    Iris Koren Newbie

      I would like to write a unified heterogeneous web browser error handler. Can anyone suggest how to set up this service? I am also concerned about different stack implementations.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Please define this term: "unified heterogeneous web browser error handler"

          If we do not know what you are asking for, it is very difficult to provide any help. An example, or two, would be nice.

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            Iris Koren Newbie

            I would like to be able to run an application we wrote in different browsers. I would like to support IE7, FireFox, Safari, etc. and would like to come up with generic error messages that would apply to a generic class of errors and exceptions that my application would be able to report to the user. I would like to use the ESB to trap all errors recieved in the browsers used, and give them a generic message that would encompass their errors - so that the error message would be general purpose and describe the exception and corrective action. I think I could do this with a webservice and a Consumer/Producer pair used in samples (Quickstart) as a starting point. I think this is feasible. Please advise. IKoren

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              Peter Johnson Master

              By ESB, do you mean JBoss ESB? If so, you might want to ask this in the ESB forum: http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewforum&f=246

              I assume that using the error-page tag in web.xml will not meet your needs.