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    Never used an app server - would it solve my problem?

    Gavin Donald Newbie


      I have never used an app server in more than the most fleeting of terms. I have used Tomcat for a number of years and have now hit a problem that I am not sure how to solve. The problem is as follows:

      1) I have several web apps running in Tomcat;
      2) They need to share objects between them, specifically Spring Security objects that assist with login;
      3) Currently I think I am hitting a classloader issue where, because Tomcat initiates the webapps with different classloaders the objects are considered to be different when I pass them around through the servletContexts.

      If I used JBoss, could I pass my object from WebApp-A through JBoss, to WebApp-B and use it without getting my current ClassCastException?

      I am thinking this won't work as Tomcat would still be responsible for creating the Spring Security object. I think I would need to implement all the authentication in JBoss whereas currently I am using Jasig's Central Authentication Service which runs as a war file in Tomcat.