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    Challenges when moving from JBoss AS to JBoss EAS

    Miguel Loichate Newbie


      We are planning to use JBoss AS in order to run an application developed with GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Already tested this integration in form of a .war file, and seems that works pretty well.

      Nevertheless, although quite excited about this integration, our main fear is related to future escalability of application and consequently, of application server. In fact, GWT application can become in a near future, in a very high-demanding application being accesed by many concurrent users, therefore a powerful, scalable and 100% available AS would be needed.

      Of course, we've started with the opensource version of JBoss AS, but would like to know which are the main challenges or possible problems when migrating from JBoss AS to JBoss EAS, that is, when moving to the commercial version of the platform.

      Would be nice to hear the experience from somebody having completed this migration step. Was easy for you? Any other issue I should be aware of when moving to JBoss EAS?

      Thanks very much in advance.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I assume that "JBoss EAS" is a typo and you meant "JBoss EAP."

          EAP 4.3 is based on AS 4.2.1 with JBoss Messaging replacing JBossMQ. In addtion, it includes various pacthes. Thus if you are running AS 4.2.x and either you do not use messaging or you have manually installed JBoss Messaging, then you should not have any difficulty moving to EAP.

          If you are using JBossMQ, you might want to use EAP 4.2.

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            Miguel Loichate Newbie

            Hi Peter,

            First of all, thanks for your reply, and second, I admit my fault with JBoss EAS typo, I thought it was called the same way as free JBoss AS + "Enterprise" ;-).

            Therefore, talking about JBoss EAP, we're not currently using any messaging or any other "special" service from AS, then I will assume that an application currently running under JBoss AS 4.2.3 should properly work under JBoss EAP 4.2.

            Thanks very much.