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    Questions for general use of JBoss 5.0?

    Dickson Lui Newbie

      Hi all,
      I start to study how to use JBoss 5.0G.A. (before that, I used Tomcat or JRun). I have installed it and hot deploy a simple war application; also browse the function in JBoss Management Console. Before I deeply study it, I have several questions about how to use it. Thanks in advance for any help.

      1. Is it possible that deploy a web application without using war, ear file format? For example, just create a folder and some jsp files under the "depoly" folder or other place. It seems that not working at all.

      2. Any other GUI tools to help to setup/config or admin the JBoss server; except that "JBoss Management Console"? such start up or shutdown the JBoss server, setup data source, view the log...etc. (Easy config?)

      3. Can we stop one application when JBoss server is running? (not the whole JBoss server)

      4. Can the library be used for individual web application in JBoss? (not for globally use) For Example, I want to develop a jar or use a specific library (jar or zip files) that is only for a single web application. How can I do that?

      5. Basic Authentication with Apache
      Is it possible that login in Apache web server and then pass it to JBoss (maybe JAAS or other authentication module) so that it won't require to login again?

      Thanks for any help.