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    Display a contentof Html

    Mo Pour Newbie


      I have an entity with a field that stores an html format of a document, the document has many different formats, so the html references different ccs codes.

      I am currently using an outputtext component to display this html inside a rich panel, however I have noticed that when the html is displayed, it effects some of the the style sheets of my whole page, I have also noticed that some of the contents of the html appears outside the outputText.

       <rich:panel id="documentPanel" bodyClass="panelBody" style="background-color: white;">
       <f:facet name="header" style="padding:0"/>
       <h:outputText id="documentPreview2" escape="false" value ="#{currentDocument.html}" />

      Should I be using outputtext? if so, how would I be able to encapsulate the contents of the html inside the text box. I also had to remove the tags of the html field, in order to display it inside the outputText.