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    Cannot start JBOSS Application Server 5.0.0 GA

    Colum Carter Newbie


      Can anyone help me I'm trying to start the JBoss AS, when I execute the run.bat from the command prompt, I get no output. Is there anything I need to set?

      My OS is Windows Vista.

      This is probably a basic thing, but I'm new to JBoss so please forgive me....



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          Peter Johnson Master

          Possible issues:

          1) JAVA_HOME is not set properly - it should be set to the location where the JDK was installed.

          2) You installed the JDK, or JBoss AS, into Program Files, or some other directory with spaces in the path (Documents and Settings). Do not do that, spaces in paths confuse various Java libraries. I have mine at:


          3) You are running into findstr issue: http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-9758

          If none of these solves you problem, comment out the "@echo off" line in run.bat, run it again, and post the command prompt window output, starting from the command run you entered.