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    Apache in front of jboss

    sun kum Newbie

      some one suggested use apache to server static contents + virtualhosts in front of Jboss and use jboss as backend (java only).

      far what extent it's true. does apache boost performance of jboss or what are advantage to use apache before jobss.

      I need clear concept ..

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I think that the reason behind this suggestion is that Apache HTTPD can serve static content faster than JBoss AS. However, now that you can use JBoss Native to add the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) to JBoss AS, you should be able to get the same performance from JBOss AS + APR as you got from Apache HTTPD for static content.

          Of course, the other reason to front-end JBoss AS with Apache HTTPD is when you need to run JBoss AS in a cluster and you are using Apache HTTPD as a router.