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    Cannot start server

    Alejandro Barrero Newbie

      I setup jboss-4.2.2.GA as server but get the error message:
      Could not find the main class:Seam/jboss-4.2.2.GA/lib/endorsed
      I have the same problem with JBoss Developer studio and with Seam tools in Eclipse.

      A second problem is that when I try to generate Seam Entities for a project, in the second page, when I click on 'Refresh' I get the error:
      <Couldn't connect to the Database>
      However, when I test the connection I get 'ping succeeded'

      Your help will be greatly appreciated,

      Alejandro Barrero

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I assume that you mean you are getting this messaging in Eclipse or JBoss Developr Studio, and not from the command line, is that correct? (For Eclipse, do you have JBoss Tools installed? Also, what versions of Eclipse and JBoss Tools.)

          Also, the topic title and text don't match - the topic says you get the error when trying to start the server while the text implies you are getting this message while setting up a server. Which is it?

          Please provide some more details on exactly what you are doing in Eclipse - all of the steps until the error appears.

          Also, it might be best to ask about the "generate Seam Entities" question in a different topic. And is you are using JBoss Tools or JBoss Developer Studio to do this you might want to ask in the JBoss Tools (Users) forum.

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            Alejandro Barrero Newbie

            Thank you PeterJ. I am not working on the command line. I have Eclipse Ganymede and JBossTools-ALL-win32-3.0.0.CR2-R200901280154.zip. I get the error when I start the server.

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              Alejandro Barrero Newbie

              For some reason I cannot post on JBoss Seam.

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                Peter Johnson Master

                How are you specifying the database connection? Are you using a datasource? If so, post the *-ds.xml file.

                When posting XML text or source code, please enclose the text in UBBCode "code" tags - you can do this by selecting the text and clicking the Code button above the editor window. Also, click the Preview button to ensure that the formatting is correct and the XML text shows up before posting.

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                  Peter Johnson Master

                  Did you read the title of the first topic in the Seam Forum? Did you read the topic?

                  Also, if you are having issues with how JBoss Tools does it work with Seam, you need to post in the JBoss Tools forum, not the Seam forum.

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                    Alejandro Barrero Newbie

                    Thank you PeterJ; I am trying to follow your instructions. I apologize for creating confusion but I am really new at JBoss and Seam and I don't really get the meaning of all those forums. On the other hand, I have exactly the same problem with JBoss developer environment and with JBoss tools with Eclipse while I am trying to create a Seam project: is it a problem with JBoss tools or is it a problem with seam?
                    I hope I can get an answer to the problem that JBoss server doesn't start from JBoss developer environment in this forum (I can start it from the command line).
                    I am going to post the problem of creating entity classes in a Seam forum.
                    Again thank you

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                      Peter Johnson Master

                      When you start the app server in Eclipse, some logging output should show up in the Console View - please post that. By the way, I suggest that you try starting the server without having any projects configured for it. Doing so will eliminate issues with your application. I want to make certain that you can start the app server by itself, and we can worry about deploying apps later.

                      Have you gone through the JBoss Tools tutorials? If not, you should. They will get you accustomed to using JBoss Tools for development. Once you have those tutorials completed, you can once again work on your Seam app.

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                        Alejandro Barrero Newbie

                        I found the problem. I had a space in a directory in the path of the server.