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    Confused about:  Eclipse, Eclipse WTP, and JBoss; what do I

    Matt Newbie

      I have developed using NetBeans and the Sun Java EE 5 Application Server.

      But, I am new to Eclipse [I can use it for POJO's], as well as JBoss. I have found mid to high level info on both... there is mid to high level stuff coming out of my ears. But I do not know what exactly is needed.

      What I want to do:
      -- I'd like to use Eclipse as the IDE, as I used NetBeans.
      -- and I'd like to use JBoss as the App Server / Servlet Container [I suppose Tomcat will be the resource for the Servlet Container at least].

      But, what I don't know:
      -- Is this a standard 'marriage'... or is there an IDE that is packaged with JBoss that I do not know about?
      -- Most significantly, the role of the Eclipse WTP -- is this something I would still need if I were to use Eclipse as the IDE along with JBoss as the App Server?
      Or, is the Eclipse WTP something that would just duplicate functions that JBoss handles?

      I know this is a JBoss forum, but the questions are related to each other.

      Since all books / documents I can find on this talk about either JBoss or Eclipse and the WTP, there isn't anything I've found that contrasts the two and helps me understand what I would really need.

      For sake of this question, assume I'm wanting to be able to make a 'hello world' version of a Servlet and JSP page, and also to connect to a Derby Database.

      I wish I had the time so I could learn everything I need to learn about both, and thus I'd be able to make the determination myself, but I need a starting place, as I feel like I'm looking for the starting blocks while wearing a blind fold.

      If anyone who understands this stuff can help me out, I'd be grateful for the assistance.

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          Wolfgang Knauf Master


          short answer: yes, you can use Eclipse to develop your app for JBoss.

          You can either use Eclipse 3.4 + Web Tools Platform 3.0, or you can use Eclipse + JBossIDE (which is built upon Web Tools Platform), but I don't know the latter, I only work with WebTools.
          For using Webtools, you have to download the "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers" (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/), and you will need to download JBoss separately.
          Beware of this eclipse bug if you plan to use JBoss 5.0GA: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=257823

          Hope this clarifies some of your initial questions. I could provide you with a german tutorial, but did not find any english ones after a quick google search.


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            Peter Johnson Master

            The JBoss Tools documentation has several tutorials, and the Tools team even provides screencasts for some of the tutorials. In addition, the JBoss Tools (Users) forum is very active with the Tools developer's provide quick and helpful responses.

            Tools web site: http://www.jboss.org/tools/

            Tools forum: http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewforum&f=201

            Another alternative is the RedHat Developer Studio, but that requires a paid subscription (though last year at JavaOne they were giving away free one year subscriptions). Developer Studio comes with the app server so you don't have to download it separately.

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              Matt Newbie

              Thank you both very much for taking the time to reply.

              Peter --

              I know that this is going to make me sound kind of thick, but hopefully this is allowed in this forum:

              I went to the url you provided:
              >> "Tools web site: http://www.jboss.org/tools/ "

              and I see that there's lots of stuff there... but I did not see anything that overtly stated it was for getting JBoss and Eclipse to work together.

              It may be that there is a name for a tool or other technology that helps do this, but it is named without the word 'Eclipse' in it [or "Eclipse" is an Acronym for which I'm not familiar with].

              Without question, that page looks very helpful; and I also followed the link to the movies:

              and they look like they could be helpful. But I don't know enough to know what to look for there.

              I can use Eclipse in isolation; and I've gone through the beginning parts of setting up and deploying a simple 'hello world' on JBoss... but I don't know what the process would be to work with them together.

              It could be that I'm asking the wrong question, and all I should be doing is completing the work in Eclipse + Eclipse WTP, generating a WAR or EAR, and then using that to deploy in JBoss -- but I guess I'm trying to make sure of the direction I'm heading before I go down one road and find out it was redundant.

              I really do appreciate any further assistance that you or anyone can help with --

              With best regards,

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                Peter Johnson Master

                I did state "The JBoss Tools documentation", so starting with the link I provided, click on the Documentation link (blue box on left side of page, 4th link from the bottom), and choose the 3.0.0.CR2 documentation, and then the Getting Started Guide. That guide contains a section on installing JBoss Tools (1.4.2)

                Alternately, for installing, there is Downloads link right about the Documentation link - the downloads page provides the URLs you can use in the Eclipse update manager (though they are somewhat disguised - they don't start with http://!)

                And yet another alternative: my quickie install guide: Download "Eclipse for Java EE Developers" from the Eclipse site. After unzipping it, run it and have it do an update to the latest components. Then add the Tools URL (from the docs or download page I mentioned above to the Eclipse update sites and let it install Tools. Then start with chapter 2 in the Getting Started guide.

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                  Matt Newbie

                  Okay, I understand the documentation part -- and yes, they appear to be exactly what I'm looking for.

                  The followup question then would be:

                  --> So if I'm trying to work with Eclipse 'married' with JBoss, is the JBoss Developer Studio the thing I'd need to use to do this?

                  I am assuming that this is the case, but I wanted to ask before I just make the assumption. I know these things will seem obvious to me in a year, but for now I just don't know enough.

                  Thanks again, and I appreciate your patience.


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                    Peter Johnson Master

                    You can use either Eclipse + JBoss Tools, or JBoss Developer Studio. The question is whether you want to pay for it or not, how leading-edge you want to be, and if you want support.

                    Eclipse + JBoss Tools: leading edge, free, no support (other than the forums)

                    Developer Studio: somewhat older, and thus more stable, costs $$ ($99, if I remember correctly), and I assume it includes support of some kind