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    Drools Decision Table - NULL pointer exception when using $p

    Sean Bryan Newbie

      I'm trying to put together a POC using drools decision table in order to determine whether or not we will fully invest in the product. I am trying to set up a decision table that has a condition that iterates through values added to a cell.

      Under a CONDITION column I have a row with the name of the fact followed by a row that states the field name as well as the "in" syntax. I then use the "$paren" to indicate that I want to populate values from the cells beneath (listed here with values A, B, C)

      policyType in ($param)
      "A", "B", "C"

      When I refresh the project with the spreadsheet I get a compiler error : Error: java.lang.NullPointerException

      If I try to run through the debugger, I can see a generated DRL with the syntax I am looking for:

      rule "somerule"

      Policy(policyType in ("A", "B", "C"))
      System.out.println("rule fired");

      What am I missing?