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    Starting JBoss

    David Miller Newbie

      From the javadoc: http://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/javadoc/4.0.4/system/org/jboss/system/server/Server.html#start()
      There appears to be a way to start the JBoss server using this command, but I can not seem to get this interface from the jars that I have available. Does someone have an example of using this command to start JBoss?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          This start() method is a method used in JMX MBeans for services within the application server. This method starts the service. You need to have JBoss AS running before this method can be called.

          What is it that you are trying to do? In other words, in waht way would you like to start the app server?

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            David Miller Newbie

            Thanks. I was afraid of that. I am looking for more detailed start up information than what is provided by starting JBoss AS from Main.main(). Reading that documentation I was hoping that I could get that detail via the exceptions it was throwing because they sounded more like what I was hoping to see. Because of where it was located though, I assumed that start() was related to JMX although I could not find something explicit to that. I am just trying to detail more information on start up and shutdown scenarios for our automated activation of JBoss AS. Catching exception is pretty general, but maybe there are better ways to tell if the individual parts of the server have properly started. Thanks.