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    Message Driven Ben in JBoss5.0.0.GA

    Carlos Oliva Novice

      Could someone point me in the right direction to create and use a Message Driven Bean (EJB 2.x) in JBoss5.x? I have created an MDB in JBoss5 along with the clients but I am having difficulties retrieving the messages in the queue. I have done the following:
      1) I created a queue by uploading an xml in the deploy folder. This created a queue that I can see through JMX under jboss.mq.destination
      2) Created a mdb and two clients. I got the examples fromhttp://benmira.free.fr/en/j2ee/jms.htm. I changed the descriptor files and the lookup of the ConnectionFactory because JBoss5.0.0.GA lacks a QueueConnectionFactory but still has the ConnectionFactory
      3) The MDB installs fine in JBoss after I drop the jar file in the deploy folder
      4) The MessageSender code runs fine and creates entries int the queue. I can see via JMX in the Destinations entry of the ServerPeer bean of the Queue bean. The message counter has an entry as follows:Queue,Queue.MyQueue,-,-,2,0,0,0,3/2/09 11:50:49 AM]. Where MyQueue is the name of the queue
      5) The MessageReceiver seems to launch the onMessage event of the MDB but the client fails to retrieve the messages in the queue