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    Multiple Virtual Hosts?

    Jeff Chastain Newbie

      This has got to be simple, but I have been searching all night to no avail. I have several "applications" that are made up of JSP etc. code. I am looking to setup JBoss (with IIS on top) such that each IIS web site will point to a different application. I have been through the mod_jk setup for IIS and everything is working there. What I am missing is setting up the linkage in JBoss to same that http://web.address1.com goes to C:\inetpub\app1 and http://web.address2.com goes to C:\inetpub\app2. In other words, the applications live outside of the deploy folder of the JBoss 5 server. Also, each app has its own WEB-INF\lib folder with some supporting jar files if that matters in the configuration.

      If anybody could provide me a pointer or a quick how to, I would really appreciate it.

      -- Jeff