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    JBoss AS 5 evaluation

    Scott Russell Newbie

      I am looking at several different Java based application servers. I want to compare the various products and then suggest one or more based upon the information and any requirements. As well as provide documentation supporting the suggestion.

      Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a document that states all of the supported specifications that JBoss 5 (any 5.x version) supports. I can see a lot of things like: MTOM, JSP, JMS, etc... Ok, so which verion(s) and it the support 100% or not.

      I did find this page: http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-9024
      This does appear to give me the information that I desire. However, most of the links (except the one for JBossASSupport) do not tell you what version of the produce the support is for. Also, the last modification date (even for the JBossASSupport link) is several years old. I know that version 5 of the product is not that old. So I am a bit confused. And then there is the link to the http://jbossws.jboss.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=JBossWSSpecStatus] page. That page is horribly out date. It is so out of date that it even tells you it is out of date. But there is no link to an updated page with updated information. The closest you can get is http://jbossws.jboss.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=JBossWSSupportedStackComparison which gets me back to: what is the supported version?

      I am simply finding the process of finding out what standards JBoss 5 very frustrating. How can I give JBoss 5 a fair evaluation when I cannot even find the information to compare it with other COTS products?