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    Tomcat fails to send WWW-Authenticate header when custom 401

    L L Newbie

      I'm running jboss-3.2.7 and need to use a custom 401 error page with my servlets. But by doing so, I don't get a dialog box asking me to authenticate and it immediately errors out and displays the custom 401 page. If I comment out the following from my web.xml,


      then I properly get the dialog box prompting me to log in, but the default Tomcat/5.0.30 error page is used. After doing some cURL tests, I noticed that when I use a custom 401 error page, I lose the WWW-Authentication header that is passed via:

      resp.setHeader("WWW-Authenticate", "Basic realm=\"" + realmName + "\"");

      Searching the Internet shows that this could be a bug in many versions of Tomcat. Is there a fix or work-around for this bug?