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    Displaying my page

    Alex Zarkhin Newbie

      Now I got Jboss installed on my PC I want to create my HTML Page (similar to Appache index.html). What shell I do ?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          You did not say which version of JBoss AS you are using, so I will assume the latest (5.0.1.GA). The default home page is located at server/xxx/deploy/ROOT.war/index.html. You could change that, if you like, or add other HTML pages into that directory.

          But if you are using JBoss AS, you would surely want to create dynamic web apps using servlets, JSP, EJBs or some other such technology, would you not? I guess what I am looking for is some statement from you are to where you are concerning Java EE development.

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            Alex Zarkhin Newbie

            Hi Peter

            Thank you for prompt reply. I had a developer background in c/unix/oracle. Never worked with Java. The situation has changed and now I likely to work from now on administrating Jboss on Red Hat linux. At this stage I am trying to learn as much as possible from scratch. I installed Jboss on my PC.So that why I ask silly questions..:)