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    Ports JBoss Portal uses

    Gareth Budge Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to find JBoss Portal v2.7.1 GA (with updated WS v3.0.4 GA WS stack) which connects to an Oracle database. I also have Oracle Application Server 10g R3 running on this too.

      There seems to be a conflict between these for port Whenever JBoss Portal is running, OAS starts to have issues with restarting at least the HTTP Server.

      When I start JBoss Portal I bind it to an actual IP and not localhost.

      1. Can I get a list of ports and port ranges that JBoss Portal uses?
      2. Are there any references that guide us on how to reconfigure the ports it uses?

      I've found nothing in any of the guides for any of this.

      Thanks in advance.