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    Getting J BossAS Bind-Address/Host

    Tobias Wasle Newbie

      i am already a while in development with a JBoss Application Server but now i'am searching for advice in this forum first time. Im not if im in the right corner but now on topic.

      I have a Webapplication that is running on serveral JBoss Installations at different places. In last time i was trying around with the TimerServices API and found it quite usefull. I have a timeout method that should call different WebServices and Servlets in this WebApp. Until now we solved this via JNDI-Calls but for some reason this isnt possible anymore.

      In future its the goal to call the servlets/webservices via the URLConnection-Class. Cause of this post is i need the servers host part so i can open a Connection from itself (timeout-Method) to itself(Servlet/WebService (mainly Servlet).

      I hope you can understand the problem and can help me finding a solution to get the server host address.