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    Class loader isolation for wars within ear

    Najeed Khan Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm investigating class loader isolation in JBoss AS 4.2.3. I've been able to isolate my ear's class loader from the application server's class loader by creating a loader-repositiory in my jboss-app.xml.

      However, I also need to isolate class loading for each of the individual wars *within the ear* from each other. How do I do this?

      I tried creating a loader repository for the individual wars in their jboss-web.xml however, I got an error as the loader repository can be defined only at the root. I also need to isolate the root ear from the app server so I cannot define the loader repositories only in the wars.

      I searched around but could not find a feasible solution. In fact, most of it has led me to believe that this is not possible in JBoss???? Is my understanding right or am I missing something here?

      Thanks for your time on this!