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    Using TPTP for stress test.

    Andreina Grieco Newbie

      Hello everyone
      I have a server application to stress test with tptp 5.0
      I have profiled Jboss 4.2 to isolate only the package of my server application
      In the test client I create a certain number of threads and each thread makes a certain number of calls to a function in the server. I have several problems:
      1)When I use tptp with 200 threads and 3 loops per thread TPTP says the calls to the function "setPosition" are 1138 (they should be 200x3=600)
      I get similar random numbers in other tests.
      2)The "execution statistic" page doesn't update if I do another test after another (it's not really a problem but I wonder if the results are real if they don't update properly)
      3)I have to collect the average base time of various tests (varying numthreads and numloops) is there a way other than looking at execution statistics? How can I export execution statistics?