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    How do I add the richfaces library to eclipse? (experienced

    Matt Kohanek Novice

      I made a post earlier but I don't think it is going to get any answers, there doesnt seem to be enough info to answer it and I dont know what else to add. So Im going to go from the beginning and make sure Im doing it all correctly.

      SO to add the library I go to the preferences window and go to web->JSF Tools->Libraries and the click on New
      I call it RichFaces, put the version supported to v1_2, add the 3 jars that I downloaded (api, impl and ui - 3.3.0.GA.jar) and leave "Is JSF Implementation" un checked.

      That all seems correct right?

      Then I create a new dynamic web project, change the config to JSf v_1.2 project. I makre sure the RichFaces component libarary is added in to the project from the third page and then hit finish.

      All that is correct so far right? Because I then follow the tutorial for the greeter project and I cannot get it working. There are no compile errors or warnings. When I try to open the site by going to http://localhost/greeter/index.jsf it tells me the resource is unavailable. I definitely added the project to the tomcat server and then restarted the server so that doesnt seem to be it. And I dont think it is a config problem with tomcat because I am able to open other projects that dont use richfaces without any trouble.

      Oh yes, and when I try to compile the project using eclipse's broswer it just takes me to the browser screen as if it is going to load but the screen just stays white and the status bar never really moves.

      And I did name my page index.jsp instead of index.jsf, but then in the web-xml file I changed the url pattern to *.jsp instead of *.jsf
      Although Im pretty sure that isnt the problem as Ive tried it the other way around as well.

      PLEASE HELP!!!
      Im running out of time lol