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    how to get calender fire backing bean action method?

    Troy Tarrrant Newbie


      Can someone tell me how to get an action method firing when the user clicks a date. Nothing I've tried seems to work.

       <rich:calendar id="date" popup="false"
       value="#{testPage.currentDate}" />

      Backing bean

      private Date currentDate = null;
      public Date getCurrentDate() {
       return currentDate;
      public void setCurrentDate(Date currentDate) {
       this.currentDate = currentDate;
      public void changeDateListener(CurrentDateChangeEvent event){
       log.info("changeDateListener()value=" + event.getCurrentDateString());
      public void changeDateValue(ValueChangeEvent event){
       log.info("changeDateValue()old=" + event.getOldValue() + ";new=" + event.getNewValue());

      None of the backing bean events fire when you use the mouse to change the date.

      What am I missing ?