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    Drools SpreadsheetCompiler decisionTables

    Simon W Newbie

      I am pulling out what little hair I have trying to get the spreadsheet compiler to generate rules similar to my hand crafted rules. I hope someone can help me here.

      I have an object, Request, and that request has multiple Item(s), which in turn have multiple SubItem(s).

      In my hand crafted rules I can write a rule that will select all Item() from Request() and insert them into the WorkingMemory. I can also do the SubItem() from Item(). However I am struggling to do the same from the SpreadsheetCompiler.

      I can also go both levels doen from request with something like :

      request: Request()
      subItem: SubItem from request.getItem().getSubItem()

      I cant seem to be able to do this from the spreadhseet either.

      This becomes particularly important because I want to eventually do an accumulate to sum the value of SubItems.

      Can anyone recommend some good reading material on the use of the spreadsheet that goes into this sort of working. I have lots of articles that will allow me to do simple spreadsheet decision tables but nothing that goes to this level.

      You help wil be greatly appreciated.