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    Superior JBoss features - are there any?

    Thomas Havemeister Newbie

      Hello *,

      my company competes against product offerings from Oracle. Currently we try to beat WebLogic Server with a JBoss application server infrastructure. Next to the fact, that JBoss has virtually no licensing costs, what feature-driven arguments could we bring against Oracle WebLogic?

      WebLogic offers a lot more implementation details and has more or less all feature implemented we have at the JBoss community wihslist:


      Are there any features which are truely unique for JBoss AS5 and can't be found in other commercial products like WebLogic?

      Here is my list for JBoss:
      * true lighweight and configurable microcontainer
      * technology leader and early adaptor of standards
      * strong open source integration support in virtually all fields like messaging, security, rules, persistence and transactions

      I'm pretty sure there are some features in JBoss which commercial tools do not offer. However, it's pretty tedious to find some nice feature of JBoss always in WebLogic manuals.


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          Thomas Havemeister Newbie

          just to give some more ideas, what I'm targeting on.

          One really cool JBoss feature is to remove unwanted services like:

          * mail service
          * scheduler
          * monitoring
          * messaging
          * http invoker

          and so on. In contrast, the WebLogic mSA only supports to modes WLX and WLS:

          * WLS: EJB, JMS, Connector, Clustering, Deployment, Management, and Diagnostics
          * WLX: The Services EJB, JMS & JCA are NOT loaded

          so the JBoss microcontainer, truley allows finer control of deployed components.