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    RemoteBinding cannot be resolved to a type

    Saladin Mundi Newbie


      I'm trying to get an EJB3 project on JBoss working. Unfortunetly
      I have to use JBoss 4.0.5. Further, I use Eclipse Ganymed as an IDE
      for developing.

      The program has got a remote interface. In order to make the Bean which imports the interface known to jndi I wanted to use the @RemoteBinding but eclipse says "RemoteBinding cannot be resolved to a type". Its shurely because I missed a library, but I dont know which (Other annotations like @Webservice, @Remote,...) are working. I included the following libs:
      jbossall-client.jar, javax-servlet.jar, javaee.jar and ejb3-persistence.jar

      Can someone tell me which jar I have to include to get @RemoteBinding working?