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    JBoss Portal suitability

    Mad Rug Newbie


      I'm currently developing a web application, I just stumbled on JBoss Portal, and I'd like to know if it can suit my needs.

      I'm the only IT person in this project (so far), and I'm designing it on request of the project creator. So, I'm doing a lot of research on how to do so much stuff I never had to do myself before, since it is being developed by me from scratch (great for learning). I made the public site for it, and we were about to start discussing the private (autenticated and secured) part of the site, a commercial site which will feature multiple users, which will order custom hardware, and other special users will get their orders and execute them (this is our business, for short).

      I was looking for ways of performing good authentication when a link led me to Portal project. I recognize the style from sites like iGoogle, and thought that it might provide a good support for me. It would avoid things like coding servlets to handle auth, navigation and such. The downside is that it looks like a too rich (and maybe heavy) for the relatively few number of features I'll need... things like registering calendar events, taking an order, submitting an order, handling admin business params.
      With Portal, I'd create a dozen or so portlets to handle the business, I guess.
      I was glad to know about other projects like JBoss Cache, which will save me a lot of future reinvention of the wheel. But then I ask if I'll do a nice move using Portal, as another more suited framework could help me for that.

      I know it is a very generic question, but my knowledge of such tools and frameworks is quite short, and I may be missing something good.
      Anybody know of another alternative for this case?
      If I was not clear or I could provide more details, just say.


      PS: in case it makes any difference, our environment so far is JBoss App Server 4.2 and MySQL database