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    mary L Newbie

      Hi, I'm new to richfaces and kind of stuck and hoping someone here could help me. :)

      I have a modalPanel that has two commandLink, and when you click on one of the commandLinks the text should change. Is it possible to do this in a modalPanel and which component can I use for this?

       <rich:modalPanel id="Panel" width="300" height="280">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:outputText value="Header" />
       <f:facet name="controls">
       <h:graphicImage value="../images/x.gif"
       style="cursor:pointer; margin-top: 0.3em; margin-right: 0.3em;"
       onclick="hideModalPanel('Panel'); return false;" />
       <a4j:commandLink value="link1" name="link1" />
       <rich:spacer width="5px" />
       <a4j:commandLink value="link2" name="link2" />
       <br /><br />
       <p>I want this text to change when you click on link1 or