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    Krzysztof Kalinowski Newbie

      I try to use session bean and selectedChild arribute to pass information about selected item between pages.
      I see correct value by #{PanelMenu.activeItem} on page but all items in panelMenu are collapsed (after click on item panelMenu).
      It doesn't work. Why?

      <h:outputText value="#{PanelMenu.activeItem}"/>
       <rich:panelMenu expandMode="server" selectedChild="#{PanelMenu.activeItem}">
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="item 1">
       <rich:panelMenuItem id="item11" name="item11" label="item 1.1" value="item11" action="#{PanelMenu.Item11}">
       <rich:panelMenuItem id="item12" name="item12" label="item 1.2" value="item12" action="#{PanelMenu.Item12}">
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="item 2">
       <rich:panelMenuItem name="item21" label="item 2.1" value="item2.1">
       <rich:panelMenuItem name="item22" label="item 2.2" value="item2.1">

      public class PanelMenuBean {
       private String activeItem=null;
      public PanelMenuBean() {
      public String getActiveItem() {
       return activeItem;
      public void setActiveItem(String activeItem) {
       this.activeItem = activeItem;
      public String Item11(){
       activeItem = "item11";
       return "/item1.xhtml";
      public String Item12(){
       activeItem = "item12";
       return "/item2.xhtml";
      public void Destroy(){