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    JbossAS5+mod_jk step 0

    Kai Lauronen Newbie

      I've been setting up this combination of Jboss+Apache.

      The www directory is outside .../deploy directory in a different drive, and I'm looking forward to serving jsp's and deploy from there. Is this possible?

      Instructions below got me started fine.

      Now I have been struggling to set context and get (embedded tomcat) it to serve the redirected content from apache.

      I get 404 page when the only modification to server.xml is adding the jvmRoute. When I start trying with the context configuration I've been getting "Service not Available" page, no matter what.

      If someone would be so kind and write an example Host Element with Context pointing to external source?

      If I got this totally upside down then maybe a few words about what is necessary to accomplish this. Cheers!