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    need  help  For days after  installing  getting  nowhere

    sasd asdsad Newbie

      It's not that i've not some experience in JBoss
      although its pretty negative

      I installed jboss 5.1 , changed the DS to my sql
      and clearly bounced on the messages persistance problem
      i repaired that like 100 of others and jumped probably like 1000 others in the same problem ....

      i deleted tyhe hsd... persistence and replaced like I was told by
      the mysql-persistence ...

      now it complains the persistence manager is already installed
      and jumps into the same deadlock loop.....

      I'm trying to do a seam setup , spending days just to setup JBOSS is more then an overkill

      Can someone give me a way to install JBOSS Without the need to read 10000 pages and spending weeks on the setup .
      With some warranty it works

      or would you advice me to give up JBOSS 5.1 all together

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Installing JBoss AS is easy - unzip the zip file. Running it is easy - make sure JAVA_HOME is set to a JDK directory and go to the bin directory and start the run script.

          What you are attempting to do is something entirely different - replace HSQLDB with MySQL (at least I think you are using MySQL, your post is not really clear on that). You do not need to do that. You can leave DefaultDS using HSQLDB and simply create a new data source (name it anything other than DefaultDS) that uses MySQL for your apps.