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    Accessing https server from within JBoss (using JBoss AS 5.1

    Daniel Gollub Newbie

      Hi there,

      we're using JBoss AS 5.1.0 on a linux server with sun-jdk-6.

      Following scenario:

      From within JBoss we want to access a webservice on a remote server (don't know what software the server runs, don't care, cause it's not under our jurisdiction) with HTTPS.

      We use Apache Commons HttpClient 3.1 to communicate with the server.

      The problem:

      The client.executeMethod(method) gives me a HttpStatus.SC_OK back, but the method.getResponseBodyAsString() is empty (the method.getResponseBodyAsStream() is empty, too).

      I get no exception whatsoever. Just an empty answer.

      And now the kicker:

      When I use the same (Apache Commons HttpClient) code (to talk to the remote server) in a completely JBoss-unrelated command-line application
      it works. I get the HttpStatus.SC_OK and I get a response string object, which I then can parse with my XML parser.

      The request is the same in both cases. Only one time - from within JBoss - it doesn't work and the other time - from a standalone client - it works.

      Questions: Why? What's wrong?

      My guess: it may be some kind of configuration problem. But where to start? Or maybe Apache Commons HttpClient 3.1 is not compatible with JBoss AS 5.1.0?!

      Help please, I'm fresh out of ideas? Does anybody know about this problem and can give me a hand? Please?

      PS: If this is the wrong forum, feel free to move to the correct one. I don't know your rules here, yet.