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    JBoss Instance Shutdown Problem

    Brian Lewis Newbie

      I currently have two separate instances of JBoss installed on a Linux server - v4.2.2 and v4.0.4. When I start v4.2.2, I use the command "sudo ./run.sh -b" so that it will listen on all ports. However, I only bind v4.0.4 to localhost when I start it up because I am only going to be using it for API calls. Both start fine, but when I cd to v4.0.4 bin directory and try to shut it down using the command "sudo ./shutdown -s localhost", it shuts v4.2.2 down which is a major problem because then the web site is inaccessible. Just wondered if anyone might have a solution or suggestion.

      Oh, btw, sorry if this topic has every come up - I tried searching but got an error.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          When you start with "-b", 4.2.2 is binding to to all IP addresses on your machine, including localhost. Which means that both 4.2.2 and 4.0.4 listen to localhost.

          How many IP addresses does your system have? If only one (other than localhost), bind to that specific IP address. If your system has multiple IP addresses, then change the port assignment for 4.0.4 (see the file docs/exemples/bindingmanager/sample-bindings.xml for an easy way to do this)