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    Installing JBoss as a Service

    Ryan Hornbeck Newbie

      Sorry for the newbie question, guys, but I'm completely stumped. I've spent 4 days trying to find an answer, to no avail.

      I've downloaded JBoss App Server 5.0.1, and need to install it as a service. I read the documentation for JBossNative, but it's written for 5.0. Here's what I need to know:

      1. After extracting to the C: drive on my Windows Server (Win2k3), what do I do to get it installed as a service? Do I use a console to perform the "service.bat install" command? If I do, it says the service is installed, but when I look in my services, nothing named JBoss is there.

      2. Do I use JBossNative? There's no instructions inside the .zip file.

      3. When I extract the JBossNative files, do I replace the files already in the %JBOSS_HOME%\bin directory? When I do, then execute the "service.bat install", nothing happens (again).

      I've got JDK installed, if it matters. I've defined the environmental variables, too.

      I've got my hat in my hand, guys. Please save me from my stupidity.


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          Ryan Hornbeck Newbie

          Also, just as a note, when I try to search the forums, I get this:

          Cannot invoke the operation : the module threw an exception

          Problem with the server?

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            Peter Johnson Master

            With 5.0.x you will need JBoss Native (the jbosssvc.exe that ships with AS 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 is corrupt), but with AS 5.1.0 you don't need JBoss Native (the jbosssvc.exe works)

            I assume that you meant "it's written for 4.x". The instructions can be used with 5.0.x also. Basically, unzip the Native zip file into jboss_home, overwriting the existing files in the bin directory. Then run service.bat.

            By the way, you only need the few files in the bin directory of Native - the files in the subdirectory are for using the Apache Portable Runtime, which are not required to run as a service.