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    Setting up JBoss Tools in Galileo

    shashank singh Newbie

      Hi Guys

      I was trying to download the JBoss tools using the way given on this page http://www.jboss.org/tools/download/update.html. I followed all the steps given in there. But some dependency problems came up. After just discarding the ones that were troublesome. I finished the not-all update. First thing I was wondering even if I am trying the location as specified on the site. These problems are coming up.

      Now after this incomplete installation many projects are not running well. This was as expected. how to do it better way. Please help. Thanks in advance. One of the errors is - After that I tried to create a new Drool Project. But the problem was that particular AJDT is not available. So how to get rid of this thing. Or How to do it a way so as to not get those dependency errors.