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    war deployment - file locked (no un- or re-deploy without st

    sepp deinhofer Newbie


      we recently started with developing a web-service using jboss. "recently started" meaning that every few lines of code need to be tested ;), meaning constant re-deployment of the created .war
      which doesn't seem to work (most of the time, for some reason not always) - the war in jboss' application-folder is locked. eclipse just fails to republish the .war. if i try to delete the file manually in windows this fails, because the file is locked by a process owned by jboss.

      does anybody know what could be the problem? (no tutorial i have tried ever mentions extra-settings to be necessary for deployment other than just: "copy the file in the correct folder")

      thanks for any help,

      software used:
      jdk 1.6
      eclipse 3.5
      jboss 5.1.0