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    Technology questions

    Michael Kress Newbie

      Hello, I've been playing around a little bit with jboss to see whether it fits my needs. So far I find it very interesting. Diving deeper into the topics, I'm a little bit lost on the question what jboss technology to chose.
      I'd like to implement something like that:
      * Several virtual kvm servers
      * on each server one "child service" should be running and answer to queries from a main server
      * only the main server has an underlying database
      * a web interface shall be the view to care for the entry/handling of all data
      * a rich client and a telnet client may be added later
      * the child services are only "dumb executors", they do things in the system with root privileges or they lookup things in the system and give feedback to the main server.
      * Login via web is of course mandatory, main server should handle logins

      Is there any jboss example that comes close to what I'm looking for?
      What technology should I start with each of my points above? (except for the first one)

      Thanks in advance for any advise!

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            Peter Johnson Master

            Perhaps web services for the "child services". And perhaps Seam for the main server, both for database handling and for the web user interface (Seam incorporates EJBs, entity beans and JSF). You can easily add a rich client later, and have it access the EJBs within the Seam app. Unfortunately, I don't think that telnet will work in this, but if instead of "telnet" you want "a command-line utility" then you could write such a utility that also uses the EJBs.

            Hope that helps.

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              Michael Kress Newbie

              Hi! Thanks so far, PeterJ - that looks very promising. These are all things I already played with, that's why I agree about feasability. And I agree about the CLI, a telnet client could be built with lots of CLI calls and a nice dialog menu.

              What about login mechanisms, any special recommendations?
              Thanks - Michael

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                Peter Johnson Master

                Before I write a bunch of stuff about "login mechanisms," it might be best if you explained a little more what you had in mind. There are many aspects to authentication and authorization and the one I write about might not be the one you wanted to hear about.

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                  Michael Kress Newbie

                  Hi, the users should all be stored in MySQL tables, the users table will not be just [username|password|property1|property2], it'll rather be [username] togehter with another table [username|property-key|property-value] where one of the property-keys will be the password. Another property-key will be the user level, which decides what rights the user will have (start processes via the child executors, create new users, etc.), so application behaves depending on users' rights. From that point of view, ldap won't be suited for my needs, so I think, in my case, there's no other way than using MySQL.

                  Although the LoggedIn interceptor in the Hotel Booking example looks very simple to implement, the mechanisms described under http://docs.jboss.com/seam/2.2.0.GA/reference/en-US/html/security.html#d0e8698 look VERY ROBUST and not too difficult to implement.

                  The whole thing will become something like a control panel for websites, mail servers, database servers, etc. I've seen several existing products and they all have their disadvantages, so I will implement my own ideas on that.

                  The cool thing about the whole thing - having postponed the choice of the tools and even of the programming language gave me a lot of time to think about the functionality and the work flows.

                  BTW, I've been playing around with jbossws and it seems to be THE thing for me. :) Also very cool - JBossWS - Authentication is well described in the wiki doc.