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    What are the advantages of Jboss compared to Glassfish

    Matthias N. Newbie

      Hi let me first explain I don't want to start a flamewar i just want to know what Server ist best for me.

      I developed a little Enterprise Application (War & EJB Container) and compered Glassfish & Jboss on my Machine.

      The Application works well on both Server but there were huge difference on
      Resource consumption.

      Glassfish started more then 2 times faster.
      Glassfish needs 170MB Disc Space JBoss 390MB
      Glassfish took 150MB RAM after the start JBoss 390MB.

      So i ask you why this big differnce? And why sould I use JBoss instead if Glassfish. I mean if there are advantages it could make sense.