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    refresh modalPanel onchange

    panky_p Novice

      I am trying for h:selectOneMenu in modalPanel which will render panelGrid onchange and i want to refresh modalPanel onchange.
      Is it possible??
      Any clues??


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          panky_p Novice

          No clues???
          I am trying like this

          <h:selectOneMenu id="list" onchange="this.form.submit();" value="#{myBean.SelectType}">
          <f:selectItem itemValue="Ford"/>
          <f:selectItem itemValue="Audi" />
          <f:selectItem itemValue="Bmw" />
          <f:selectItem itemValue="Ferari"/>
          <h:panelGrid rendered="#{myBean.selectType == 'Ford'}"> <h:outputLabel><strong>My Car</strong></h:outputLabel> </h:panelGrid>
          <h:panelGrid rendered="#{myBean.selectType == 'Audi'}"> <h:outputLabel><strong>My NewCar</strong></h:outputLabel> </h:panelGrid>
          <h:panelGrid rendered="#{myBean.selectType == 'BMW'}"> <h:outputLabel><strong>My Brand New Car</strong></h:outputLabel> </h:panelGrid>
          when I select from list modalPanel get submitted that is because of
          is there any other way???