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    example in chapter 11, ProcessPayment

    ingimar erlingsson Newbie


      Just wondering why suddenly the use of PrepareStatement in this
      book, the example before has had us use the EntityManager and the persist method - and now we are back in time.
      Is there a reason for this, som pedagogy ?

      Seeing also under the 'Accessing environment properties (injection)' in the same chapter the use of an xml-descriptor.
      Is there another way to do this, seeing that Glassfish has this approach .

      %glassfish_home%\bin\asadmin.bat create-jms-resource --host localhost --port 4848 --user admin
      --restype javax.jms.Topic --property imqDestinationName=StatusMessageTopic StatusMessageTopic

      Or is the xml-descriptor to prefer ?

      Still new here, so I am a bit lost from time to time,
      but hoping to 'master' this subject at last ( EJB 3.0 that is ).

      regards, i