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    JCA 1.5

    Nathan W. Phelps Novice

      This comment was posted by David Jencks on jboss-group mailing list. I'm reposting it here to facilitate discussion.

      I wonder if it would be appropriate to make the "primary" level of the jms implementation be a jca adapter (using the jca 1.5 work contract stuff on the receiving end) and supply the standalone versions as wrappers around this jca based stuff.

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          Mark Figley Newbie

          This is high on my own list as well. Some people I've talked to see federation and clustering as analogous. However, I've always thought it would be idea to provide clustering between several JMS servers (in other words, a queue defined on one server is defined on all in the cluster, etc.) as well as the support for federating the clusters into a network. In other words, you'd have a federated network of JMS clusters that could communicate via multicast or direct sockets.

          Incidentally, don't you think JavaGroups might fit the bill to provide federation services much like it currently provides clustering services for JBoss?



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            Nathan W. Phelps Novice

            I've thought about that as well. I thought they were going to go that direction with JMS 1.1, JCA 1.5 all under the umbrella of J2EE 1.4, but as far as I know they didn't make it. However, I don't see why that would rule out us going that route. I'm not that well versed in JCA, so I can't be sure.