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    Message Serialization

    Adrian Brock Master

      There is no need to serialize/deserailize message bodies on the server.

      This causes performance problems because serialization happens many times.

      server>persistence manager
      persistence manager->server

      On the server the message body should just be store in a byte array.


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          Elias Ross Master

          Unfortunately, there are some headers that are updated on the server, which means that the serialized format for a SpyMessage becomes soon invalid.

          Therefore, headers and the message body should be serialized as separate objects and never combined as a single object. This means required changes to the binary format of SpyMessage and loss of backwards compatibility in JBOSS_3_2.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            I don't follow your argument?

            There is already infrastructure in place in the persistence manager
            to update a persistence message.

            I don't see why not deserializing the message body (not the properties)
            when it arrives on the server will break backwards compatibility.

            e.g. a simple solution would be to have a static boolean in SpyMessage that
            represents whether serialization should be in server/client mode.
            Statics have no affect on serialVersionUUID


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              andrey belomutskiy Newbie

              i'm a little newbie [in Jboss development, not in development] but i wish to implement that

              but what makes me wonder - why do you mention serialVersionUUID? are there any reasons to keep serialVersionUUID unchanged, i.e. we do not have an option to add new fields? why? is serialization in terms of 'java.io.Serializable' used here? i though Externalization is used - i.e. we can pay zero attention on serialVersionUUID?

              i guess i do not know smth, could anybody help?

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                Scott Stark Master

                So create a simple test that demonstrates your assertion regarding the effect of the serialVersionUID for Externalizable implementations. When you have done so, let me never again hear you speak of the uselessness of a stable serialVersionUID.

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                  andrey belomutskiy Newbie

                  ok, ok - i did my homework, now i know more about
                  serialVersionUID :)

                  http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-1342 - i've attached a patch which prevents unneeded deserealizations of SpyTextMessage on server side

                  [generely, same idea could be used for some header fields - like messageId, for example. i am not sure but seems like there is no need to deserealize messageId on server side]