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    sljms into jboss repository

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      Hi Ivelin, and all

      That's what I am doing in this very moment. I'll check what was formerly known as SLJMS 0.1.2 into the jms module later today or tomorrow.

      It is going to be org.jboss.messaging or org.jboss.jms? What is the difference? Could you please fill me in a little on the underlying history here?

      Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

      >Weren't we going to package this under org.jboss.messaging?
      >Would it be reasonable to figure out a transition plan so that there is
      >a single JMS module? I think Bela mentioned that the SLJMS architecture
      >will accommodate the full JMS spec. Will it then become JBossJMS for 4.0
      >and replace JBossMQ?
      >Hopefully we will meet in Austin in two weeks and resolve these
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      >Also can you add some simple doco in a new section on the WIKI
      >and start a discussion in the jms dev forum.
      >On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 18:21, Ovidiu Feodorov wrote:
      >>Hello all,
      >>I am ready to start importing sljms code into the jboss repository:
      >>- My intention is to create a separate top-level 'sljms' module.
      >>- The top package will be org.jboss.sljms.
      >>Please let me know if you have any objections.
      >>So far it depends only on jgroups and the logging libraries. It has to
      >>run in standalone mode as well as under JBoss, so far it only runs in
      >>standalone mode.