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    Patch for Scheduled messages...

    squeak Newbie


      I submitted a patch on Friday that will allow, with an optional configuration setting, scheduled messages to be received with a selector.

      I know that you are extremely busy, and as such understand that it will take a bit to get to. However, I am trying to decide if such a change will be incorporated eventually, or is it fundementally flawed in design.

      Given that information, I can make decisions about the design of my application (maintain a patched version for a bit, or scrap it completely).

      Thanks for your time.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Where is the link?

          Why would you want to retrieve messages that are not scheduled yet?
          e.g. one of the uses of scheduled delivery is to delay redelivery of a message
          after the client nacks it, to avoid looping if the client isn't in a state where it
          can process it.

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            squeak Newbie

            Here is the link:


            Why would you want to remove a scheduled message? Well, mainly because the event that caused the placing of that message might not longer be valid, and you want to cleean up.

            For instance: We are using JMS to do workflow for a communication tool that sounds out messages to our clients via email. When the message is approved, it is then scheduled for a time to be delivered. Well, as with all good apps, we also want to have the ability to remove a message from the schedule before it is delivered -- hence the desire to remove a scheduled message.

            There are other ways to work around this without thie functioanlity, it seems pretty straightforward to me, so I though there might be some interest for other people as well.