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    The name of the new JMS Implementation

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      As far as I know, no final decision was taken regarding the name of the new JMS implementation.

      Runners up are:

      * JBossMQ
      * JBossMessaging
      * JBossJMS (not acceptable on reasons related to trademark)
      and unoficially JBossMess, which I don't think it will make it, even all of use love it.

      I could think of several more:

      * JBossMS (JBoss Message Server)
      * JBossMP (JBoss Message Provider)
      * Aggregate (don't ask me to explanin the thought process that led me to this one, all I can say that it was inspired by the serverless part of the implementation).
      * M-JBoss

      My vote is for JBossMS, we closely circumvent the forbidden JBossJMS.
      Please voice your opinion.