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    JIRA update

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      I've just re-hashed JBoss Messaging JIRA issues and updated their due dates and ownership in an attempt to re-synch JIRA with the real state of the project.

      There are four releases planned so far:

      1.0 alpha non-clustered - JMS 1.1 compliant, with no HA features yet.. The core-level HA wiring is already in, it's just not used and tested.
      1.0 alpha HA - get HA and load balancing working (distributed queues and topics)
      1.0 beta - focus on performance issues and optimizations
      1.0 final

      The current goal is to deliver 1.0 alpha non-clustered by the end of June.

      Tim (and everyone else), please feel free to assign issues to yourself.