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    JBoss Messaging Integration/JBoss5 - JBAS-2102

    Adrian Brock Master

      Further to this task:

      I'd like to discuss converting JBoss5/head to use the new JBoss Messaging
      implementation rather than JBossMQ as the default.

      I don't need you to do all the work.

      For now, I just need an update to jboss-head/build/build.xml partition-build
      (or even a separate ant script) that creates a "messaging" configuration alongside minimal/default/all

      From there, I can work towards "fixing" the testsuite such that it can be
      (and will) run with both JBoss Messaging and JBossMQ.

      This will help in resolving integration issues sooner and will give you some
      feedback on issues with a larger "user base".

      There is the additional issue of the management (admin-console/JSR77) integration
      that needs to worked out.