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    JCA 1.5 inbound RA and JMS Application server facilities

    Tim Fox Master

      In order to get near 100% TCK pass the last significant piece of work is MDB integration into JBoss Messaging JMS.

      From my understaning, the current JMSContainerInvoker requires the optional JMS application server facilities for concurrent message processing (ASF) in order to work.

      These aren't currently fully implemented.

      Our options seem to be AFAICT:

      1) Write a new JMSContainerInvoker that doesn't require ASF so we can pass the TCK.

      2) Fully implement the ASF in Jboss messaging.

      3) Rely on JCA inbound messaging only

      1- is probably not a good solution since we need to support asf at some point. It's just delaying the work.

      3- I imagine we need to support other JMS RAs that don't support inbound messaging so I guess this is not an option.

      So I've gone for 2) for now. This should be finished shortly then we should have all the pieces in place for near 100% TCK.

      Inbound messaging is something we'd like to be able to support too. The code is there but it has not been tested to a production level.

      Ovidiu and myself are going to take on this work too with a view to getting it in by the beta release. (Oct/Nov?)