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    Transacted JMS from EJB and client id configured conn factor

    Tim Fox Master

      In JBoss Messaging as it currently is, connection factory can be configured to dish out a particular client id.

      If I use transacted jms from an ejb, my understanding is that I need to use the managed connection factory wrapper, normally located at java:/JmsXA.

      It's my understanding that this is configured to point at a particular JMSProviderLoader which in turn is configured to point at the actual connection factories.

      Therefore, at any one time, if I want managed transacted JMS from a an EJB (or wherever) I'm always in effect using the same underlying connection factory.

      So we lose the ability for different beans to use different connection factories if they want managed transacted JMS, and hence get particular client ids assigned to them from the connection factory.

      I guess I probably don't understand the configuration properly :)

      Does anyone know if there is a way around this?