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    Topic now synchronous

    Tim Fox Master

      I have implemented classes Subscription and DurableSubscription and made topic synchronous as discussed in Neuchatel.

      This has solved several problems mainly related to delivery.

      I think some more thought could be given to the core Topic and Queue hierarchy, I would suggest a common superclass CoreDestination perhaps.

      This would allow us to deal with them consistently in the jms facade, right now they are handled as Receiver and Distributor which works but is a bit messy.

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          Ovidiu Feodorov Master

          This is how it was originally, but after refactoring I didn't feel the need for a common superclass, since both of them were handled as Channels.

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            Tim Fox Master


            Prevously Channel provided the comon superclass but now Topic is no longer a Channel, we're left with distributor and receiver.

            Problem is since Queue already extends TransactionalChannelSupport it's not quite so simple - one option would be to modify Queue to *not* extend TranactionChannelSupport but instead extend the "new" core destination class (whatever it is) and delegate to an internal instance of Channel.