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    Returning message counter data/history in JBossMQ

    Charles Crouch Expert

      So the listMessageCounterHistory() and listMessageCounter() methods on Topic and Queue related mbeans return formatted html.
      This is great for the jmx-console but not so useful for other clients, such as the admin-console, which need the ability to format the raw data as they see fit.

      I was going to raise a JIRA issue to add listRawMessageCounterHistory() and listRawMessageCounter() when I found this...

      http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-1908 (listMessageCounter issue with JMS subscriptions containing certain message selector characters)

      From the comments on this issue it looks like MessageCounter is being phased out and replaced with org.jboss.mq.MessageStatistics. Should I raise issues to add the listRaw...() methods or raise an issue to have MessageStatistics add support for a history, since from the current MessageStatistics impl. you can't get historical type information?

      Thanks very much